Show Off Your Style

Explore all of our special paddleboard designs

Why settle for the same dull designs you see on everyone else's paddleboards? Express yourself with a paddleboard from Higher Vibes PB. We make board designs in series of four to five, ensuring uniqueness and quality. You'll have the coolest board no matter where you go.

We have boards available with:

All different color combinations | Intricate designs and patterns | Skulls, flowers and other images

Contact us today to discuss the different paddleboard designs available.

Don't miss out on a design you love

Don't miss out on a design you love

We rotate out different paddleboard designs, so there's always something new for sale. Keep checking back on social media and here on our website to see what's in stock. You can pre-order designs to make sure you never miss out on a paddleboard you want. Our custom-printed boards are fun for everyone.

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